FREE Google Apps

At Europasat we offer
FREE Google Apps to
all our customers

Europasat has harnessed the power of Google to bring all our satellite broadband customers a suite of FREE interactive on-line tools to make using your satellite broadband connection even more effective and fun! We’ve integrated Google Apps into all our satellite platforms to provide customers with robust, feature-rich email, a customizable home page and other great services.

All current Europasat customers automatically get a email address and FREE access to Google Apps, initially accessible via the Europasat Customer Portal Login. Just choose your preferred email address and password, log-in and away you go!

If you’re new to Google Apps, here’s a summary of the tools you’ll find included:-

gmail email, powered by Gmail!

Your own email address, with more than 10 GB of on-line storage, as well as mail search tools and the latest generation spam filters. You can access your email online from any computer, anywhere in the world, or use an email program like Outlook, Windows Mail, or Mac Mail. You can also use your email address on your smart-phone or tablet computer. With such a large amount of storage, you can keep all your favourite photos and large email attachments easily accessible on-line. For many customers, this means you’ll never have to delete an email again!


Google customisable home page

Your Google home page will bring you a mix of news, weather, sports, and entertainment, plus more than 2,000 Gadgets which you can add to customise your home page. You can also access your inbox, calendar, docs and sites, plus search the web from one place.


Google Calendar

Keep your schedule on-line so you can access it from any computer. If it’s useful, share it with your work colleagues, friends and family via shared calendaring.


Google Docs

Create and share documents and spread sheets online using Google’s powerful suite of applications. Collaborate with colleagues, and keep all your on-line media in one place accessible from anywhere in the world.

(Google Docs is in the process morphing into Google Drive. Google Drive is everywhere you are – on the web, in your home, at the office and on the go. So wherever you are, your stuff is just…there. Ready to go, ready to share).


Create your own websites, powered by Google Sites

Create your own web sites quickly and easily, using templates created by Google. Google sites help make useful information accessible and secure unifying content from many sources.


Google Contacts

Import, store and view all of the contact information that’s important to you.

Although you may see Google Talk featured in Google Apps, this service is only available to Google Apps users in America and not Europe. Our satellite platforms don’t support Google Talk, but we will be making our own VoIP service available to Europasat customers very shortly.

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