What Hardware Do I Need?

In order to access satellite broadband services you need to have a satellite broadband kit which is all self installable. At Europasat can we supply everything you need to get started in one simple delivery. Depending on your intended usage and where you want to site the kit there may be a couple of other bits and pieces you’d like to consider.

Antenna (or Dish)

This is usually mounted externally on your property, but can also be free-standing or mounted on flat roof if required.

Transceiver & Cable

The transceiver is attached to the antenna and the cable supplied is routed into the property to be linked to the satellite modem.

Satellite Modem

This is located in the property and devices such as desktops and laptops can be connected via a cable. You’ll just need to consider where you want to locate your modem and whether you’ll require more than the standard length of cable for the wiring run to the transceiver. Most customers will also wish to access the internet by wireless and we offer a range of suitable routers which will work seamlessly with the satellite system.

VOIP (Optional extra)

In addition to the supplementary antenna mounting and router options, you may also want to take advantage of our telephone service using VOIP technology which is optimised specifically for the high latency around Satellite Broadband. To obtain this service, you would be provided with a VOIP phone which simply connects into a router using an Ethernet cable. This is beneficial for those in rural areas with a lack of telephone services or reception. This will also help slash phone call costs and minimise the amount of data used while making calls.

To see how it all fits together to provide you with high-speed broadband, view our video below.

*Self-installation is perfectly easy if you are handy with a drill and we supply installation videos to help you. However, if you would prefer a professional installation, please selection the option at check out and we will arrange for a local accredited Europasat installer to visit for our standard professional installation charge.

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