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General Questions

How can I buy satellite broadband?

Order online or over the phone. Click here to view the tariffs available in your location.

How can I upgrade or cancel my account if I no longer need it?

You can upgrade or downgrade your tariff simply by contacting our customer support team by phone, email or chat. Upgrades are completely free but please note that downgrades incur an administration fee equivalent to the cost of one month at your current tariff.

How can I cancel my account?

Need to cancel? Simply call our customer support team, or contact us  and we’ll check your contract then make the necessary arrangements.

New customers* – Remember you are protected by our 14 days cooling off period. This provides a great opportunity to try the system in full before your contract starts.

How do I know if I need a pro tariff?

Certain types of usage demand a Pro tariff set-up, for example, if you’re intending to remotely monitor a property or location via CCTV linked through your satellite broadband system then you will need open ports which only come with a Pro tariff. A static i.p. address will be required if you are intending to use your system to link with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are other potential types of use and applications so we recommend that if you have any specific requirements over and above standard browsing and email that you talk to our support team first.

How fast is satellite broadband?

Depending on your location in Europe, we offer speeds up to either 20Mbps or 22Mbps. The speeds you receive may fluctuate slightly and are subject to a number of factors. These factors include how busy the network is at the point you are online and how busy the protocol or application you’re using is at that time.

Are email services included within my monthly tariff?

You can access your standard free email platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail or BT but we don’t offer our own email service. If you’re looking to access your emails in Microsoft Outlook, please refer to your email hosting providers settings for information on how to set this up.

(We used to offer access to Google Apps and a dedicated account, but due to Google retracting this service for business in July 2015, we are no longer able to offer it.)

Why can’t I find information on the different networks any more?

We work with all three satellite broadband networks available in Europe, (SES, Avanti and Tooway) and depending on coverage being available in your location on a given network, we can connect you to it if that is your preference.

The reason we’ve moved away from network branded tariffs is that a lot of customers found all the options too confusing.

Today, based on your location, we put new customers on the fastest network automatically. This helps us keep a handle on things like network congestion so existing customers on a particular satellite segment/beam continue to receive fast speeds. General network information is available here.

What happened to ToowayDirect?

In May 2013 we re-branded ToowayDirect as Europasat and launched a new website offering a wider choice of satellite broadband options from a number of different networks to give our customers the widest possible range of options and tariffs. We continue to support our many thousands of Tooway customers, and continue to connect dozens of new customers to Tooway services every day.

ToowayDirect was and Europasat is a trading style of Satellite Solutions Worldwide Ltd (SSW) who also own the Tariam Satellite Broadband brand.

Can I use Satellite Broadband with a wired or wireless router?

Yes, you can use a wired or wireless router to connect your system’s terminal to several PC’s or tablets, smartphones or other wireless devices in your home. We can supply a wired/wireless router at additional cost, just select that optional extra during the checkout process online, or when speaking to one of our team over the phone.

Do you offer triple-play services?

Yes, we do offer a triple-play option (receiving satellite TV stations as well as broadband and voice services) on certain networks. The network you can access is determined by your location. If this is a requirement for you, please speak with an advisor prior to ordering online to ensure you can access this in your area.

If triple-play is available, this gives you access to satellite television by adding a small piece of equipment to the satellite dish. This needs to be done by a competent installer which enables both free-to-air and paying channels to be received in the UK.

The availability of these channels outside the UK is changing all the time, please contact us for up-to-date information. You can also take advantage of the latest crop of ‘watch again’ portals, particularly suited to our larger monthly tariffs.

Our service also supports telephone through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology like Skype.

Can I play first person shooters and enjoy online gaming?

We don’t recommend our systems for ‘first person shooter’ gaming due to the inherent latency of satellite broadband services but for other types of online gaming activity, there are very few issues.

Some online services on PlayStation™ and Xbox™, such as Voice Chat and online lobby’s, may be limited due to “Strict NAT”. To overcome this, a tariff with a public IP is required. Please speak with us prior to ordering if you plan on using these services to ensure your chosen tariff includes a public IP.

Can I watch On Demand UK television from abroad?

Depending on the network availability in your European location we may be able to offer you a UK I.P. address which means that you would have the ability to access UK online media as if you were located in the UK. Please talk to one of our support team for more information.

Can I access Satellite Broadband outside of Europe with Europasat?

Yes, we provide satellite internet access to a wide range of countries across the globe, please contact us to see if we can get you connected in your location.

What happens if Fibre comes to my area?

If your circumstances change and fibre becomes accessible at your property and you wish to cancel your contract with us, simply provide us with evidence that fibre is now available and return your kit to us in working order at your own expense. We’ll then happily release you from your contract.  We also offer fibre broadband and can easily switch your contract over when fibre becomes available in your area – saving you the hassle of moving to another provider.

How do I know I’ll receive the speeds quoted?

In common with all other broadband technologies, quoted speeds are ‘up to’ and not guaranteed. Having said that, research has shown that satellite broadband speeds are on average closer to quoted than any other technology available.

When you buy a satellite broadband service from Europasat we will already have taken into account your location and, as we can connect you to all the satellite broadband infrastructure available across Europe, we connect you to a Europasat tariff that will give you the best possible service for your needs. All the network infrastructure providers have sophisticated Network Management Systems based on Fair Use Policies which determine the speed you will receive at any given moment based on the demand on the network at that time and the amount of data you have consumed so far in the month. In this way, one user or group of users is prevented from consuming a disproportionate amount of data and impacting other users on the network.

Please note that speed may also be affected by other factors outside our control, such as the speed of a specific website you are accessing.

Your data allowance starts and renews monthly on your connection date.

You can access the fair use policy relevant to your own service here.

Installation Questions

Can I install the satellite system myself?

You can easily self-install if you’re good with DIY. Take a look at our Installation Video to see what’s involved. If you’re benefiting from a grant or subsidy to get on-line, you won’t normally have to consider self-installation as we’ll complete the set-up for you as part of the grant.

Alternatively, we can offer installation by one of our Certified Installers, or if you wish to use your own local installer, we’re happy for you to do that too.

If you’re based abroad, you can also talk to our Europe-wide network of resellers who will be pleased to supply, demonstrate and install your kit.

Do I need a telephone line?

No, satellite broadband does not require a phone line to work. In fact, you could potentially do away with your telephone line and use of VOIP service instead.

Do I require planning permission or other permits?

Though local and country specific conditions may vary slightly, normally permission is not required for the antenna you will be supplied with. If your building is a protected historical building official permits may be required.

Most issues with planning permits (or if you have a listed or equivalent building) can be overcome by installing the antenna on a non-listed outbuilding of solid construction or down at ground level. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with the rules and regulations regarding the placement of equipment on the building you occupy. We will try to guide you where possible.

How do I know if I have line of site to the satellite?

We have several line of sight apps to help you check from your property.

Should you experience difficulties getting a line of sight, we have mounting solutions that can deal with sites where the line of sight to the satellite is awkward. Also, since we connect to one of three different satellites, we can usually find a solution if for some reason you can’t get the line of sight to the required satellite for your chosen tariff.

If you’re still not sure about the line of sight to the satellite, contact us for further assistance.

What happens if/when we move?

Moving the antenna/dish to another location, whether on the same building or otherwise, is, of course, possible if you move. You must notify us if you plan to move house or premises as we have to complete licensing checks for the new location with the regulatory body in the country where you intend to locate the system (in the UK this is OFCOM). If you don’t do this and the equipment interferes with other licensed equipment at another site you could be liable for a fine.

This is one of the many things we do in the phase between when you order and you receive your equipment. Please give consideration to the location of your dish to minimise the likelihood of requiring a move because on subscribing to some products or services you are required to contract the service for a minimum of 24 months.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a satellite dish, a modem, and a tria along with enough coaxial cable to run from the dish to the inside of the house. These are provided when you order your broadband from us.

Installation Questions

Why is the ping response time higher over a satellite broadband connection?

The satellites we use to deliver your broadband connection are in geostationary orbit, which means they sit stationary relative to the earth about 36,000 kilometres out. For light (or indeed radio waves) to travel this distance, it would take approximately 500 milliseconds (mS) on a return path to the satellite earth station and back from your terminal. If we then add network latency this could go up to around 650 mS depending on the product.

Ping isn’t actually a reliable measure of latency over satellite broadband networks because the type of data packet that ping uses is not considered ‘priority traffic’ by our Network Management Systems and therefore if the networks are busy, it won’t accelerate or may even drop the pings you send.

Therefore for ping traffic, you’ll see a much slower response than for instance HTTP traffic which is considered high priority. You can try using “ping -t -w 2000″ which will help, but these packets will still not be prioritised if the network is busy.

What satellites do Europasat’s broadband services use?

Our systems use a variety of satellites depending which network you opt for, Europasat is an independent satellite ISP and will offer you the best satellite broadband network we can for your user profile, location and needs. We believe that we are unique in offering this service.

How can I check what download performance I am getting?

“Speed” tends to be a fairly subjective measure of performance. Typical “speed test” websites on the internet are not designed to check satellite-based broadband connections. They tend to add the satellites natural latency into the calculation of data over time and come up with an inaccurate result which will be inevitably poorer than the true performance you are actually receiving.

The overall performance of the service will vary at different times of the day depending on how busy the network and the public internet is and how many users are online at the same time as you. Typically the network will be 40% less busy after 21:00 CET and before 08.30 CET.

All broadband networks, including wired broadband, will be busy at peak user times in the afternoon and early to mid-evening.

Are there any limitations on Europasat’s broadband I should be aware of?

Very few, but satellite technology introduces limitations in certain applications. Unlike some of our competitors, our packages accept direct connection to Apple™, Linux™, Unix™ or Windows™ based operating systems. If you have an important application, task or protocol that you wish to run over your Europasat satellite broadband terminal, it’s important that as a minimum you discuss the precise details with our sales team before you order.

We can then indicate to you if there are any performance issues or limiting factors which we’re aware of and can give you specific product advice to ensure you’re satisfied with the Europasat satellite broadband option you’re considering.

Ideally if you have a particular application, tool or piece of hardware that you want to run over the Europasat satellite broadband service, our advice is to run a live test before you order by visiting one of our Resellers, or by coming to our HQ near Bicester (just off the M40 at Junction 9) for a free try-before-you-buy demonstration.

Europasat Satellite Broadband packages are not suitable for:

  • Some remote control software (satellite broadband is excellent for small numbers of very large file transactions, less so for large numbers of very small files or transactions).
  • Heavy uplink traffic, such as Web or FTP hosting
  • (Europasat Domestic products) uploading streaming video or professional CCTV monitoring, but the Business products would work fine. Check with the sales team for the correct product for your application.
  • IPSec VPN applications (SSL VPN applications like on-line banking and secure websites are supported and work very well)
  • Real time on-line gaming (never really practical on satellite based connections)

Are there limits to how much data I can transfer?

The up-to-date full speed monthly data allowances for each tariff and service level are outlined within our tariffs section. The tariffs available to you are determined by your location/country.

If you exceed these amounts, you will find that your connection will be throttled by our Network Management System. At this point, if you want to upload or download more data at high-speed (before your next month’s data allowance is allocated) you can either buy additional data in the form of a Volume Booster Token or upgrade to a higher tariff (if applicable) which will have a larger data allowance.

Can I get a Static IP address on my Europasat Broadband Service?

All of Europasat’s commercial tariffs come with a Static public IP address as standard.

Because of the way the service is configured, we require the IP address to be assigned Dynamically (DHCP) to the router connected. Which means you cannot statically assign the IP address to the PC or Router connected to the Terminal. For more information, you are welcome to contact our Technical Support team.

I’ve heard of latency issues with satellite – what does this mean?

Due to the distance travelled by the signal to/from your computer and the Internet Hub via the satellite, some older satellite technologies exhibited a noticeable lag between communications.

Our satellite broadband services employ the very latest software and hardware techniques to minimise this lag, including a Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) and TCP/IP acceleration. In use, when a web page is requested for example, the hardware strips out surplus protocol data and requests and retrieves the page in fewer larger ‘pieces’, than a typical dial-up connection for example, which assembles the page piece by piece. Similarly, this technique is ideal for handling large file or email downloads.

Can I use my Europasat Broadband service to connect to my work or office via VPN?

Although there’s nothing technically to stop you connecting to your company’s corporate VPN with the Europasat Service, there are some things you need to understand. Check with your IT department at work and find out if your company’s VPN is an IPSec type of VPN.

If it is, these often require a static, public IP address to function. Static IP addresses are only provided on our Business Products.

As our products use packet acceleration technology in order to deal with the distance the information has to travel to and from your system, with certain VPN connections, once the secure tunnel has been created, all information inside the tunnel is encrypted and no acceleration can be applied, which means you might experience performance problems.

Talk to our sales team, or come in for a demonstration so we can help you choose the right product if you want to use our satellite broadband services over an IPSec VPN.

Does Europasat’s Broadband Service work with Mobile Phone Signal Boosters?

Devices like the Vodafone SureSignal™ and 02 Boostbox™ require a relatively low latency connection to be able to be used to its full potential. In most cases, they require a connection with latency with less than 240 mS. Satellite broadband network latency can vary between 600 – 800 mS. This is mainly dependent on the busyness of the network.

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