Is Satellite Internet Right For Me?

Advances in technology mean the typical household today consumes significantly more data than a few years ago and this trend isn’t going away. Choosing the right broadband provider to power all your data consuming devices is, therefore, essential.

If you live in a densely populated area of the UK you’re likely to fall within the 90% of the population which has access to fibre or a reasonable ASDL connection. However, if you live in a rural area, or are in one of the areas where fibre currently isn’t available, then alternative technologies such as satellite broadband provide a great solution for the remaining 10% of households who currently struggle to get a good service. If you choose to go with Europasat, you’ll be in safe hands as we are Europe’s largest provider and trusted by broadcasters such as the BBC and CNN.

We have thousands of happy customers, but there are a few things we like to make customers aware of prior to investing in a system to ensure complete transparency regarding the systems capabilities.

5 things you need to consider prior to investing in a system:

Can I get fibre already an what are my current speeds?

If you can already get fibre or currently get download speeds consistently above 2Mbps then satellite broadband probably isn’t the right solution for you. You should review the fibre options within your area or contact your current provider about any performance issues you are experiencing.

I heard the weather impacts performance. Is this true?

Very rarely but sometimes when there are electrical storms in the vicinity of the satellite hub (varies according to the network but for example, with Tooway this is in Turin, SES Luxembourg), not your equipment at home. Really extremely heavy rainfall or snow can have a temporary impact locally whilst it’s falling but this degree of occurrence is perhaps an only handful of times per year in the UK.

Can I stream via sites like Netflix or BBC IPlayer?

Yes, you can stream anything via your satellite system, just be aware that streaming uses a lot of data and ensure when you sign up that you choose the right tariff to match your households streaming requirements. Should you go over your monthly allowance in any given month, you can always upgrade to a different tariff moving forward or simply purchase volume boosters to top up your allowance as required. Also, as with any other broadband technology, satellite broadband is a ‘contended’ (or shared) service and therefore at peak times it is possible that if there is great demand for bandwidth, the amount available to you may fall to a level where streaming becomes problematic.

Can I play First Person Shooters and enjoy online gaming?

Satellite broadband has a longer latency than fibre or ADSL. This does not impact day to day use such as browsing and emailing or even VOIP or streaming significantly but it’s not good for this type of gaming due to the extra delay. If this type of gaming is key for you then satellite is not the solution. However, many of our customers have little alternative due to their location and accept that they have to do their gaming elsewhere!

I’ve heard some of the satellites are congested?

Satellite technology has become increasingly popular over the past few years and in some locations, within the UK and Europe, there is occasional congestion at peak times. The satellite network providers have sophisticated systems to manage the network usage by all users in order to optimise everyone’s experience fairly according to the bandwidth available. Please refer to the networks Fair Access Policy (or ‘Fair User Policy’) to see how this is managed: these are available on this website. Of course, when you make your initial enquiry to us we will always aim to put you on the best network based on your location and requirements. While congestion does occasionally impact speeds during peak periods, we find that most customers still experience significantly better speeds compared to their previous broadband solution.

Satellite broadband provides an excellent solution to the 10% of the UK who can’t currently get fibre. We’re confident you’ll agree. Speak with a sales advisor for more information about the tariffs available in your area.

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