How Much Does A System Cost?

Satellite broadband as a technology is getting more affordable everyday and performance is improving as the technology matures. To use a system in the UK, currently you’ll need three pieces of kit installed, more on this here, then your chosen monthly tariff or Pay As You Go (PAYG) package.

The monthly fee, as with other broadband providers or mobile phone tariff, is determined by the level of performance you require, data allowance each month, and required upload and download speeds. To get a good idea of what your household will need, please refer to our data usage calculator. Monthly tariff prices in the UK start at £9.99 per month for an entry level package. Our most popular UK tariff, as an example, costs just £1.61 per day and provides adequate data and usage levels for the typical household.

In any given month, should you go over your available data allowance, 1GB volume boosters are available to purchase. If this becomes a common occurrence you can upgrade to a larger tariff at any point.

PAYG options are suited to those who already own the satellite kit, or have lower data usage levels and just need to complete basic web based tasks such as checking email, not streaming movies or videos.

Since we work with a number of satellite providers, based on your location, Europasat are able to connect you to the at the best price to the best performing satellite connection in your country/region. We also guarantee any like for like web deals. If you find the same monthly tariff for less, contact us and we’ll price match it.

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