Make unlimited calls over your satellite broadband connection. Don’t just call, VoIP.

How does VoIP work?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a way of making calls via your internet connection as opposed to your phone line. The main benefit of this is significantly cheaper calls both locally and internationally, it eliminates the requirement for a phone line* and you get to have a consolidated internet and land line package under just one provider saving you time and money.

Who is VoIP suitable for?

VoIP is a great solution for anyone with both a phone line and a satellite broadband installation, especially those who:

  • Are based in the UK calling other UK numbers
  • Based in Europe calling UK numbers
  • Based in Europe calling other European countries

Our unlimited fixed line VoIP tariffs provide huge savings for international calls and are a great solution to both ex pats or businesses with international offices.

Online VoIP Tariffs – Coming Soon!

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