Connecting Devon & Somerset

The scheme is now closed to new applicants. Customers with codes already issued will have until March 2017 to place orders and utilise the funding awarded. After this time the codes will not be accepted.

Superfast subsidised satellite broadband is now available in Devon and Somerset via the Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) program. Funded by the broader national BDUK scheme, subsidies are available for households and businesses in the local who experience very slow broadband speeds of sub 2Mbps. Successful applications receive the £500 subsidy in the form of a voucher code which is then used to cover the hardware and installation costs of a new satellite broadband system.

The CDS program runs until the 30th November 2016 and applications for funding can be made by clicking hereConnecting Devon & Somerset

Once in receipt of a voucher code, call us on 0800 804 4567 and we’ll arrange the delivery and installation of your new satellite broadband system.

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