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Think you can’t get fast
broadband internet in Wales?

Think again!

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Why does satellite broadband make sense?

Why does satellite broadband from europasat
and SES Broadband (Powered by Astra Connect) make sense?

Enjoy FAST broadband speeds

Up to 20 Mb download, and up to 2 Mb upload and great bolt-on options on all tariffs. Have a look at the SES Broadband tariffs.

All of your set-up costs could be FREE*

If you are eligible for the subsidy all of your set-up costs will be paid for you.

No need for a fixed
phone line

That’s right! You don’t need to have a fixed phone line installed to recieve fast speeds from satellite broadband


What is the free Broadband for Wales subsidy?
Read some case studies of people we have helped

With the Superfast Cymru Welsh broadband subsidy you could get fast broadband installed for FREE

The subsidy was launched on the 4th October 2013 and offers a grant of up to £1000 per premise for the whole set-up fees of satellite broadband.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you have poor broadband ‘speed’ of less than 2 Mb, or you don’t already have broadband, it’s likely you are eligible for the grant which covers the whole set-up cost of satellite broadband. However, it’s best to check and you can find your eligibility by looking on Superfast Cymru.

The monthly ongoing airtime subscription to the service isn’t covered by the Welsh Assembly Grant, but that’s the same as fixed line broadband.

What is satellite broadband and how can it help me?
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What is satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is a similar concept to Sky TV – using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, we can offer you fast broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located. You can share the service just as you would with wired broadband, using a conventional network or wirelessly, giving your computer or smart phone access to all the latest internet services and feature rich content.

SES Broadband – our newest ‘next generation’ satellite broadband solution

SES Broadband offers speeds of up to 20 Mb download and 2 Mb upload with generous data allowances – including UNLIMITED off-peak** data available as a bolt-on option for all tariffs.

View the full SES Broadband tariffs

The benefits of using Europasat

Satellite dish

No need for a fixed line to receive fast broadband with Europasat.

Happy customers

Monthly tariffs now start from just £9.99.

Fast speeds

Speeds are lightening quick – offering up to 20 Mb upload speeds.

Easy to install

Nice and easy to install with our simple set top box.

Flexible tariffs

Flexible tariffs for when you need more data.

Satellite broadband

When you need to depend on your internet access, satellite broadband from Europasat won’t let you down.

What are the monthly costs?

Examples of SES Broadband monthly tariffs

SES Wales offers

Here are just some examples of the monthly SES Broadband tariffs available.

View the full SES Broadband tariffs

Don’t forget our FIBRE Guarantee

If at any time in the minimum contract period you get the ability to connect to fibre optic broadband at the premises where your satellite based broadband is to be installed. By returning your equipment we will release you from your satellite broadband contract.***

Our FIBRE guarantee

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Approved resellers North Wales

Catalyst Systems
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Call 07904 719 748 | Email

Boyns Information Systems
Call 01824 702 211 | Email

Approved resellers South Wales

Fox Digital
Call 01633 484 240 | Email

Marina Telecom
Call 01792 654 000 | Email

Morgan and Morgan
Call 01269 842 242 | Email

Astra Broadband Group
Call 01873 840 189 | Email

Terms and conditions
*Set-up costs are covered by the subsidy if you are eligible can you apply via the Superfast Cymru scheme. **SES Broadband’s off-peak hours are 11.00pm to 7.00am local time Luxembourg, 1 hour ahead of UK. ***Our FIBRE Guarantee: If at any time in the minimum contract period you get the ability to connect to fibre optic broadband at the premises where your satellite based broadband is to be installed, if you return the complete satellite broadband system (along with all parts in working order) at your own cost, we’ll happily release you from your contract. Please speak to one of our approved resellers for more details.