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Broadband Speeds Millions of Brits are being let down by their broadband speed


According to consumer watchdog Which?, up to three-quarters of UK households still aren’t getting the top broadband speeds they are being promised. This means that more than 15 million homes across the country are paying…

router Want a better Internet connection? Here are our top tips.


We all know how difficult it is to find just the right place to put our Wi-Fi router so that we get the best possible connection. Fed up with this problem, physicist Jason Cole has…

election-ballot-box-broadband A fifth of voters say that broadband policy will affect their choice


In a recent survey of UK residents carried out by a broadband comparison site, it has been revealed that broadband provision could be a major issue in todays general election. With people in some parts…

4G image OFCOM report shows miserable 4G speeds


New research carried out by telecoms regulator Ofcom has revealed that Britain’s newly built superfast 4G networks are gradually slowing down. Despite the fact that… Read more

Internet addiction - tired woman surfing the web New survey shows just how addicted we are to being connected 24/7


A new study has revealed that across the world there are four primary motivations for using the Internet. Interestingly, the extents to which these factors motivate consumers vary between developed and developing countries. In total, 10,000 consumers from the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Russia… Read more


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