Tooway top speed moves up to a massive 18 Mbps

posted on July 1, 2012

(formerly ToowayDirect) is delighted to announce that from today our high speed satellite broadband packages are available with even higher performance. Indeed the whole Tooway range has been extended and upgraded with our top Tooway product, now called the Tooway 18 MAX , offering customers a blistering 18 Mbps download, with an equally phenomenal 6 Mbps maximum upload speed.

For the month of July as a celebration of the launch of the new proposition, we’re giving away FREE hardware and connection on the top-of-the-range Tooway 18 MAX.

In addition to the upgrading of the existing Tooway portfolio, we’re introducing a new entry level service called the Tooway 2. With a straightforward 2 Mb download, 1 Mb upload, Tooway 2 is intended for very light or occasional broadband users. With an airtime tariff of only £17.99 or €19.95 (both inc VAT) per month, this brings the reality of fast broadband anywhere to a new market.

In addition to more speed across the range of Tooway products, new, more generous data allowances come into force. Our original multi-tier Fair Access Policy has been superseded by a simpler ‘Flat Rate’ network management scheme intended to give all our users better performance through the duration of their monthly data allowance.

Despite the meaningful hike in performance of all our Tooway Home products, you’ll be pleased to hear our airtime tariffs remain the same. Our old and extremely popular entry level product, the Tooway 6, is replaced by the Tooway 8, offering 8 Mb down, 2 Mb up at £24.99 (or €29.95) per month with a standard data allowance of 8GB per month.

Our standard Ka Sat Tooway dish and modem remains the same. This means existing Tooway Ka Sat customers on our old tariffs will be able to migrate to the equivalent new tariff at no cost. With no site visit needed, they’ll be able to take advantage of the improved performance and data allowances almost straight away.

‘s Managing Director Andrew Walwyn said

“We’re obviously very excited about the product changes. Tooway is a great product to be involved with in the first place, but the new parameters catapult the proposition into a different league.

“Once customers get their hands on a Tooway, particularly if they’ve been used to the drudgery of dial-up, they’re usually delighted with performance.

“But customer’s expectations naturally increase over time; with video-on-demand becoming increasingly popular, and more and more homes having several broadband enabled devices, customers will want more performance. We’re proud to say ‘here it is’!

“I guess this will finally silence the satellite soothsayers who say that satellite internet isn’t fast. I know of no other technology that can deliver this kind of defined, proven broadband service to any location in Europe within just a few days, with a very reasonable outlay.”

Customers across Europe will be able to order the new Tooway tariffs and services from from Monday 2nd July.

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