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Choose a reseller program to suit your needs

We offer 3 tailored programs developed as a result of our extensive experience on how resellers like to work with us.

Tier 1 Agents – Paid a once off commission – for companies or individuals generating ad-hoc or small numbers of sales

Tier 2 Dealers – Buy wholesale from us, install equipment and receive an ongoing revenue stream based on tariffs

Tier 3 Resellers – Buy wholesale from us, install equipment, bill and support the customer, and receive ongoing revenue based on tariffs

Receive the right training and support based on your chosen reseller tier

We offer you training on installation (where applicable), sales, technical and ongoing customer support if you’re new to the satellite arena. There are also add-on services you can offer.

For Tier 1 Agents, there is an opportunity to supplement your current income by adding another product to your offering. This can then be a simple add-on sale for customers that you identify (or who come to you) that would benefit from Satellite Broadband.

For Tiers 2 & 3, there are the following key benefits:

  • The opportunity to build an ongoing revenue stream based on customer usage. We are the only satellite broadband ISP to offer this recurring element to our resellers.
  • Margin to be made on hardware sales and installation services as well as ongoing maintenance.
  • The opportunity to up-sell and cross sell your own relevant existing products to a customer who can now access high speed broadband.
  • The opportunity to get new customers TODAY rather than waiting for terrestrial broadband to arrive.
  • The opportunity to get new customers TODAY rather than waiting for existing contracts to expire.
  • The opportunity to build customer retention and secure a future base by having a product that provides broadband now.
  • Work with a company that believes in and delivers excellent customer service and understands the importance of resellers as part of their channel strategy.
  • Work with the only pan European satellite broadband ISP who has invested in the online infrastructure to manage their resellers and customers online, 24/7.

Download our information packs below:

Tier 1 & 2 pack

Tier 2 & 3 pack

To apply online or to discuss the options in more detail, request a call back here.

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