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Throughout Europe millions of people still live in the broadband dark age with speeds of sub 2 Mbps. There are currently an estimated 22.5 million households in Western Europe and 43 million households when you include Central and Eastern Europe.  Collectively they are called the ‘last 5%’ who need to look to alternative technologies such as satellite broadband. Capitalise on this opportunity with Europasat – the only satellite ISP with a fully-fledged Reseller Programme.

Ka band satellite broadband services are deployable immediately and have comparable speeds to any terrestrial ADSL service (up to 20 Mb) and now even have large (even unlimited*) data allowances for users (*some countries aren’t eligible for unlimited tariffs).

Monthly costs have come down to levels which are not much different to terrestrial services. There’s now no reason why a customer who is unserved terrestrially or under-served by poor dial-up or ADSL (due to distance from their exchange / quality of copper etc) should not want to consider satellite broadband as the easiest and most immediate route to 21st Century living standards.

So, there’s a huge opportunity to sell to people – maybe to your existing customers – in areas where terrestrial broadband is unsatisfactory for modern living. Even those who thought they’d never need broadband are starting to realise that they do.

The opportunity

How our habits are changing

Increasing demands on broadband usage & Wi-Fi

Its not only PC’s that need fast broadband (according to OFCOM 80% of UK households have a PC). As of July 2012 39% of UK adults owned smartphones and 42% of them said it was their most important device for accessing the internet – this is a trend that is rapidly increasing. PC & smartphone statistics

When they’re at home they connect to the internet not via 3G, but by Wi-Fi, and therefore broadband. 3 or 4 smartphones in a home need super-fast broadband to deliver a good user experience. Satellite broadband mates with any normal wired or wireless router to deliver the fast service you need to everywhere in your property.

Tablets take off

By the end of Q1 2012, 11% of UK households had at least one tablet computer; this was up from 1% a year earlier.

In July, according to OFCOM 17% of households said they were going to buy a tablet in the next year. This trend is the same across Western Europe.tablet-usage

Heard of turfing?

Turfing is the expression for surfing the internet from an internet enabled and connected TV. Although initially skeptical, a full 65% of buyers of internet enabled TVs have used the facility, according to OFCOM. As ‘smart TV’ sales grow, so will the demand for fast broadband.

These are just a few illustrations of how our day-to-day lives are moving inexorably online. We all see it happening around us every day.


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