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Europasat is the largest pan-European satellite broadband distributor with customers in 28 European markets. As our name suggests, we are truly ‘connecting.everywhere’!

Headquartered in the UK and listed on the London AIM market we have offices and employees in a number of European markets including Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Founded in 2008 Europasat has grown faster than the rate of overall European subscriber growth in Satellite Broadband largely due to a focus on customer service and the support of trusted partners who sell our products and services.

We believe that consumers and businesses should have access to high-speed broadband services no matter what their location. Satellite broadband technology allows this to happen across the whole of Europe and Europasat is the only European distributor able to provide all three Ka Band satellite broadband networks: Eutelsat, Astra SES and Avanti.

Our customers range from households in unserved or underserved terrestrial broadband areas, second homes, semi-rural and rural businesses of all shapes and sizes, wind farms, fish farms, large enterprises…infact the list represents nearly every aspect of our communities across Europe.

Europasat also offer broadcast industry solutions and services and we’re proud to name organisations such as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera amongst our customers. We also work closely with Police forces and other security services to supply their remote communication and incident management requirements.

We believe that satellite is the technology of the future and anticipate the continued popularity of this technology. We don’t offer any other solutions, preferring to specilise in what we believe in the solution of the future. In the here and now, we offer a range of tangible customer benefits such as our Fibre Guarantee and 7 day support, more details or which can be found on our benefits page.

Of course, we also deliver the tools support our customers day-to-day with a raft of features available through our customer portal, including access to data usage and billing information.

So, no matter where you have the need for high speed broadband, Europasat are best placed to provide you with a solution.

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