Broadcast from anywhere with our range of professional equipment

Options include our own FlyAway system which was developed and tested with the help of the BBC and other broadcasters over the past two years. Flyaway uses military grade stainless steel and machined alloy components for enhanced durability wherever it is needed, either on set or within the field.


We have 3 options to choose from for our Auto-acquire and manually positioned Fly Away Antennas. Two of the options detailed below are automatic meaning you won't have to manually align the satellite dish to the correct orientation. The third option is a manual one where you will need to align it each time you stop at a new location.

Cobham Explorer 8100

This is our Cobham Auto-acquiring satellite broadcasting solution, recognised as Best in Class, and includes:

  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • 3 Axis Lock
  • 1m Antenna
  • Servicing once every 5 years

With the Cobhams 1 meter long carbon fibre antenna, MIL-SPEC build quality, it uniquely manages vehicle movement, or rock, making it the perfect choice for broadcasting stable video in windy locations. The cost for the Cobam is typically £16,000 - £17,500 depending on requirements. To read more about the technical specifications of the Cobham Explorer 8100 please download the data sheet here.


The Dawson antenna is our most popular model of auto-acquiring antennas. The BBC have them deployed on over 70 of their own vehicles and it is probably the most widely deployed auto-acquire antenna in Europe. It offers superb value in relation to the build quality and controller technology.

The equipment needs only minor service intervention and all spares and support are available locally in the UK. Dawson-Dynamic, the manufactures of this particular antenna have recently won the Queens Award to Industry for 2016. Pricing for this model ranges from £6,000 to £12,000. To read more about the technical specifications of the Dawson GC-Zero KA-SAT system download the data sheet here.

To read more about our competitively priced Dawson 'GO' system please click here to download the data sheet

Shoot & Scoot KA Satellite Flyaway Broadcasting system

This is our most cost-effective solution for mobile broadcasting: the Europasat FlyAway Antenna, also known as the Shoot & Scoot. It has been designed and manufactured by ourselves and has gone through extensive testing by not only our own staff but also BBC Engineers, Police and the MoD. It has been designed for heavy use and can take regular abuse in a working environment. The stand has been produced from high grade stainless steel and machined alloy, designed for deployment in harsh environments.

Our Flyaway antennas are deployed across the UK for Police, Military and professional Broadcasting needs. Each kit is delivered with dual modem, dual transceivers to ensure the user always has spares when deployed in difficult or demanding environments.

This is our manual solution so it will need to be aligned each time you stop at a new location but the price on this model is only £3,700!


All antennas are delivered with the Eutelsat Solid State Transceiver (E-Tria) and Pro 2 Broadcast Modem which offers coverage over the entirety of Europe (subject to any local licence restrictions) Eutelsat have a licence which covers 100% of Western Europe and sections of North Africa & Middle East. The system can now be deployed across the USA using the Viasat Exede Satellites. The service delivers up to 10Mbps Uplink and 10 Mbps Downlink at 1:1 (dedicated).

The NewsSpotter Service is booked via a self-booking portal or simply via contact with our European HQ in the UK. NewsSpotter is only charged by the time and GBs transceived. The Always On service is billed monthly as used, also charged by the GB. There are NO monthly fees or pre-purchase bandwidth requirement, unless additional services are demanded.

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