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Protect your business against a broadband outage for just £124.99 pcm

All businesses today from multinational corporations to sole traders rely heavily on their communications solutions in order to be connected to customers, satellite offices, employees working from home or travelling, suppliers and of course the wider world through the internet.

Loss of core communications infrastructure, even for a short period, can have a profound impact on operations, severely impairing an organisation’s ability to co-ordinate a response which avoids significant repercussions in terms of reputation, productivity and ultimately profitability.

Don’t become a hostage to fortune with your corporate communications

Alarmingly, many businesses have little or no solution for the ‘what if’ scenario, outside of standard insurance policy cover. However, once the problem has occurred, it’s too late to recover those lost orders, employee productivity or a key customer relationship.

Larger businesses and Enterprises may well have sophisticated systems solutions in place, for example for server outages with anything from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ failover solutions in place. Ultimately however, there tends to be a reliance on one technology or conduit into an HQ or remote office to keep the business in contact with the outside world and usually this involves a series of ADSL or Fibre Optic connections or in many cases only one cable.

In the event of disruption to this single point of entry, businesses are often in the hands of large infrastructure providers such as BT whose priority and urgency may well not match theirs. Indeed, BT’s Business Broadband SLA is currently 48hours from when the fault is first reported.

Why Sentinel from Europasat is the solution

Sentinel is the bespoke disaster recovery solution from Europasat, the No.1 satellite broadband provider in Europe. Two fundamental attributes of satellite broadband give Sentinel the edge over any other option when it comes to insuring your business against a significant communications outage.

Firstly, we can deploy Sentinel wherever your business is located across Europe. All that’s required is line of sight to our satellites in orbit.

Secondly, no other infrastructure connection other than a power source is required meaning that your Sentinel system can be deployed in a completely different location at the premises, well away from other communications infrastructure, thereby removing any risk of Sentinel being impacted by a core outage event.

How does Sentinel work?

Sentinel is quick and simple to deploy and set up

  • An initial survey by an expert Europasat accredited installer to determine optimum location and efficient installation process is followed by installation of the Europasat Sentinel satellite broadband antenna on the exterior of your premises and routing of associated cabling to your required location within the building. The installation process itself typically takes less than one day.
  • The antenna is aligned with the KaSat satellite giving 24/7/365 access to an ‘always on’ 10Mbps download, 4Mbps upload service with a 20:1 contention ratio. This is typically more than enough for short outages for the majority of businesses and is billed in 1GB increments – although we give you the first 1GB free.
  • If you have a longer outage or have a need for uncontended bandwidth, your always-on service gives you immediate access to the Sentinel client portal where, within 5 minutes, you can have access to up to 10Mbps download and 6Mbps upload uncontended bandwidth.

What are the costs?

Aside from the key ‘stand-alone’ attributes that Sentinel affords, perhaps the most compelling aspect is the cost in comparison with other business resilience options.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Professional Survey, delivery & installation Free
  • Sentinel Satellite Broadband Antenna and associated hardware Free
  • Monthly Sentinel Service Fee ‘always on’† 124.99
  • Price per GB after 1st 1GB ‘always on’ 24.99
  • 7 day per week support* Free
  • Sentinel uncontended bandwidth Ratecard.

† The Sentinel service is a 24 month minimum contract period. * 08:00 – 18:00 Mon- Sat, 10.00 – 16:00 Sunday

In summary £124.99 per month gives you an affordable insurance policy against unforeseen outages to your communications infrastructure.

Security in diversity

It’s a dangerous assumption to think ‘it couldn’t happen to us’. The Government’s advice is clear on this (more of which here): businesses need to have solutions in place to manage the ever present risk to public networks be it accidentally or deliberate.

Amongst other key points this advice highlights the need to ensure the ‘diversity of telecoms solutions’ whilst also adopting ‘layered fallback options’ to avoid over-reliance on any one solution.

Europasat’s Sentinel infrastructure is completely independent of the main UK infrastructure and the BT core. Even in the event of a major outage or terrorist incident in London, Sentinel remains the best independent option for layered fallback.

Only with Sentinel will you truly have an independent failover solution with no dependency on the public or private infrastructure. Sentinel may just be the simplest business decision you ever have to make.

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