In this world of hyper-connectivity, being in touch and having control over all parts of a large organisation is a fundamental requirement. Although most medium to large enterprises are located either in major cities or close to them and consequently enjoy excellent communications infrastructure, many also have remote sites which need to be linked to in a 21st Century way.

At Europasat we look after all types of Enterprise but typically our Enterprise clients tend to be in the industries with sites in remote and semi-remote locations, such as renewable energy, Agribusiness and Mineral Extraction. However, increasingly companies outside these sectors are coming to us for solutions to help with sites that hitherto were not key to be linked to. An example is the proliferation of warehousing in lower cost locations which still need to be linked 24/7 for operational or security purposes.

Even if an enterprise already benefits from excellent communications infrastructure at all it’s sites, we often find that there is a requirement for a ‘failover‘ solution for email and other basic communication needs in the event of the core infrastructure being affected but an incident such as a breach of the fibre cable due to other construction work.

Satellite broadband is ideal in this scenario as a solution to switch-over to as it has no reliance on any terrestrial infrastructure, only a power source. When things go wrong, it can take a while for often large and unwieldy terrestrial broadband infrastructure providers to respond, and certainly not within the timelines a typical modern enterprise would expect.

The satellite failover option, Sentinel, is therefore a very low cost insurance policy against unplanned outages which can have a significant impact on operations.

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