Short Term Hire

Renting a satellite broadband terminal gives you the ultimate in broadband flexibility for short term events, sporting fixtures, exhibitions, or conferences.

satellite-broadband-hireWhen renting a kit, we’ll send you one of our certified satellite engineers down to your specified location with one of our satellite internet hire terminals, they set it up, connect it to the satellite, and hand it over to you. We can also deploy the service with a wireless network if that suits your venue or event. Just let us know when order the system. If you need a crew to manage the filming of your event, we can also provide this.

Our off-the-shelf service delivers up to 30 Mb download, 6 Mbps upload and works regardless of fixed line infrastructure availability. It is a truly stand alone system, all we require is a  mains power point (or a mains supply from a generator or solar array) – it can be in the middle of a field, on top of a mountain or on pretty much any structure like a Portakabin or shipping container.

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