Transmit Anywhere In Europe – Quickly & Securely

NewsSpotter, the gold standard video and audio broadcasting transmission system, trusted by the BBC, CNN and Sky News, including production studios responsible for the blockbusters hits such as SkyFall, Die Hard 5 and Captain Phillips, enables you to film or report anywhere in Europe, then share your content securely, reliably and quickly back to your content hub for editing.

Who is NewsSpotter suitable for:

NewsSpotter is a robust satellite transmission system designed for any type of production or broadcast team deployment. Examples applications include:

  • Reporters and news crews in remote locations
  • Temporary press centres
  • Production companies on location at home or abroad
  • Live event coverage and sporting events
  • Entertainment executives
  • Photographers

NewsSpotter benefits include:

Enjoy 10Mbps both up and down, guaranteed, on an un-contended connection, ensures you’re exempt of any network congestion issues and provides a reliable platform for content delivery

Built in transceiver and modem enables you to transmit live or pre-recorded content anywhere in Europe, including parts of Northern Africa.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) billing. No fees until your system is deployed.

Out right purchase or short term available. Hire by the hour, day, week or even month. We (link to related post on short term hire)

Transmit sensitive or valuable content securely off the grid to your data hub for processing

“Always on” connectivity for email, VOIP and web browsing enables you can book your broadcast regardless of your location in Europe.