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5GB free storage is included in your satellite broadband connection. Easy to setup, get started today!


After enabling BluBox, you can download apps for both mobile, tablet and PC / Mac.

If you have not enabled BluBox yet, you can do it here.







store photos


  • Unlimited number of devices attached to an account
  • Protect and rediscover your memories with all photos and videos found in one timeline
  • Blubox photos will help organize your photos and videos by storing in location folders
  • Easily create albums and share photos and videos
  • Free up space on your phones and tablets locally with BluBox free up space feature
  • Allow members of shared folders to contribute their photos
  • All photos and videos are uploaded and stored in their original format no compression or reduction in quality
  • Support for chromecast and apple TV

With BluBox cloud storage you can access your photos where ever you are, using any device. Whether you want to show your family photos of baby's first steps or you need a copy of your passport at work, its all safely and securely stored in your BluBox storage which is accessible and synced across all of your devices.

All your images; securely stored and backed up. Never worry about losing precious memories to hardware issues again!


BluBox cloud storage is located on secure servers in Norway and other countries with equivalent or even more rigorous privacy laws. Other cloud storage providers based in the US might be forced to hand over their stored data to the authorities - but with BluBox storage that will never happen. Your privacy is our number 1 priority.


Sharing photos with your friends and family has never been easier! With BluBox you'll be able to send photos to friends or share entire albums, without worrying about file size.


We've put together a few of the most commonly asked question about BluBox below:

Q: Why should I use a cloud storage solution?

A: There is one rule when storing your files on your computer- over time ALL hard drives will eventually fail. Don't get caught out and lose years of your memories and valuable files. Backing up your important files is essential to your digital life and using a cloud storage solution like BluBox ensures that no matter what happens to any of your devices you will never again risk losing your pictures or information.

Q: What can I store in my BluBox?

A: You can store any type of file you want such as photos, movies, documents, music and more.

Q: How do we maintain your privacy?

A: Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us which is why we use servers in Norway and other secure countries to store your data. Norway has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world and unlike other cloud storage providers we do not release our data to any US agencies. With BluBox you have more security then with most of the competition.

Q: Do I need to have satellite internet to get BluBox?

A: For all of our satellite internet customers we offer 5GB of free storage with BluBox with the option to upgrade to higher storage if needed. If you are not a satellite internet customer you can still order BluBox seperately. Just give us a ring on: 01869 222 900 and one of our friendly team will set you up.

Want to upgrade, downgrade or need help? Contact us below:

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