Reseller FAQs

Understanding your role as a Europasat reseller

General Questions

What are the benefits of purchasing through a reseller?

The key benefits to the customer are that in general they are dealing with someone local, who understands their needs and can provide a quick and friendly installation, and set-up ancillary communication services (routers, wi-fi, VOD) as and when required.

How do I know Europasat won’t take my customers?

We don’t compete directly on price with our reseller channel who, depending on the program they choose to follow either resell at our suggested selling prices, or develop their own to reflect other services and value adds they may bundle for the customer. We actively promote our Resellers on our website.

We want to build a long and enduring business relationship with our resellers and partners to ensure that our services reach as many of the digitally disadvantaged as possible, and have the best possible local service.

Building your business with Europasat

How do I make money with Europasat?

There are a number of margin generating opportunities:

  • Margin on hardware or set-up.
  • Margin on installation services.
  • Margin on monthly airtime for the duration of the customer’s use.
  • Margin on ancillary products and services (eg. Routers & warranties).
  • Margin on products & services the reseller “bundles” at the same time or subsequently as a result of having enabled the customer with high-speed broadband.

Which program should I take?

We have 3 Programs:

  • Tier 1 Agent: suitable for smaller partners who will do ad hoc sales within their existing catchment. They receive a one-off payment for selling the product including setting up payment. Europasat manages installation and billing as well as ongoing technical and customer support.
  • Tier 2 Dealer: for partners who expect to sell 10+ systems per month. They carry out the sales and installation process, having purchased kit from Europasat wholesale. Billing and 1st line customer support is provided by Europasat and the Dealer receives ongoing monthly commissions based on each customer’s tariff payments.
  • Tier 3 Reseller: for partners who expect to sell 30+ systems per month. They carry out the sales and installation process, having purchased kit from Europasat wholesale. They also carry out billing and 1st line customer support. 2nd line technical support is provided by Europasat and the reseller receives ongoing monthly margins based on the difference between the wholesale cost of airtime charged by Europasat to the Reseller and the price the Reseller charges their customer.

Becoming a Tier 3 reseller requires a certain scale of business and the presence of internal resource (such as billing, customer and technical teams etc) and so is only suitable for those businesses that can deliver on the Europasat service level benchmark, and maintain sales volume commitments.

Do I have to make a heavy up-front investment?

No. In all cases you need to invest time to understand the product and how to sell and install it and we provide material and hands on training on this. For Tier’s 2 and 3, installation training (carried out at our offices in Bicester, UK) is required.

Additionally for Tier 3’s we would require at least one named account manager for our products who must attend customer support, billing and technical training (1 day) at our Bicester (UK) offices.

Please note that for Tier 3 Resellers a deposit is required to be paid, which is refunded once a clear track record has been demonstrated in terms of prompt payments and connection levels.

How do I get myself and my team trained?

By attending the relevant training at Bicester and reading the support material available via your reseller portal. If you’re able to commit to certain business levels we can arrange to train your people in situ at your own location.

Who provides end customer support?

This depends on your reseller program. Europasat offers 24/7/365 support to its end user customers. With our resellers:

  • Tier 1 Agents: All support is provided by Europasat
  • Tier 2 Dealers: All support is provided by Europasat
  • Tier 3 Resellers: The reseller provides all customer facing contact and including pre-sale and post-sale support

I know nothing about satellite broadband, are the products complex and technical?

The latest generation satellite products have evolved into consumer friendly, simple to install and manage solutions. We can offer you whatever training and support you may need to quickly get up to speed on the product, its installation and ongoing support. Just discuss your experience with us and we’ll help you fill in the gaps.

What support do I receive as a partner?

There is a wide range of marketing and support materials available via your reseller portal access when you sign up as a Europasat reseller. In addition you will be allocated an account manager and contacts in the relevant teams at Europasat HQ for specific issues such as billing or technical queries.
We provide a dynamic real-time reseller portal which enables you to place, change and provision orders 24/7, as well as access customer support information, and your own invoices/statements.

There are periodic and seasonal incentives run for resellers as well as quality marketing collateral which you can adapt for local targeting purposes.

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