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Anti music piracy UK launches anti-piracy campaign to put an end to illegal downloads


In a bid to crack down on the number of people illegally downloading music and films in the UK, a multi-million-pound campaign will shortly be launched to single out serial offender. Whilst this in itself is nothing new… Read more

DCMS logo Latest news on the BDUK super fast broadband roll out


It a while since we brought you up to date with the latest news on the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and their much vaunted “Broadband Service Commitment”. You may remember the original DCMS commitment of… Read more

internet slang dictionary How well do you know your Internet slang?


Shortly after mobile phones became commonplace, a whole new language was born – text speak. With people all over the world on pay-as-you-go contracts and little income to buy top-ups, the language was heavily adapted to try and cram… Read more

Broadband survey Research reveals that broadband in rural areas is still not at an acceptable level


Rural retailer Mole Valley Farmers and satellite broadband provider europasat recently carried out a survey to find out how happy people living in rural areas are with their broadband connection. The results didn’t paint a very happy picture though… Read more

British internet news Nearly 40 million Brits go online every day. This is what they’re looking at!


The number of Brits who go online every day has more than doubled since 2006. While this may not sound too surprising in itself, it is perhaps shocking to learn that 36 million of us can’t get through a single day without using the Internet… Read more


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